Silver lining herbs


Kidney Support

We got started on Silver Lining Herbs back in 2012 when Tom's rope horse was having trouble pulling steers and he had trouble traveling to the right.  We had a chiropractor/therapist work on him and he said it had nothing to do with him being out of alignment.  He needed his kidneys flushed.  We noticed a difference in just a week.  He stopped being cinchy when saddled and moved out free when rode.  His whole disposition changed for the better.


Liver Support

Whenever we have an issue with the horses we call Chance at Silver Lining and he helps troubleshoot the problem.  We had a horse on the trail step on a wasp nest and get stung several times.  A week later we were at an event and he stepped on a hornets nest in the ground.  The vet gave us Dexamethasone right away and that helped.  We got a hold of Chance and he had us put him on the the Liver Support.  This horse gets used all the time with kids riding him and we wanted to avoid a bigger problem later with the stress.  He carried on his daily routine.  Plus the kids did a lot of pampering.


Immune Support

Over the years we have noticed that the healthier the immune system the better performance and overall well being of the horses.  We had a draft horse in training that had an allergic reaction to everything.  Fly sprays would make her break out and she really didn't liked being brushed.  She came to us after a vet cleared her after she had been sick.  After a couple weeks on the Silver Lining Immune Support she went back to the vet and he said antibiotics would not help her anymore but it seems the immune support is making her better. This is after he scoped her and realized the inflammation was clearing up.  After a couple more weeks she had no reaction to fly spray and her breathing was better.  She also loved getting brushed.  Her disposition was so much better.