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Tom Wicklund has a lifetime experience with horses and has been training for almost 30 years.  Horses in training start by learning groundwork and good ground manners (start of a solid foundation).  In the saddle they learn to become a finished bridle horse.  All horses get used to being roped off of and will see all kinds of different situations inside and outside of the arena.


Injuries happen to our equine partner.  With busy schedules it is hard to have the time to get your horse back in shape to ride or compete.  We work along with you and your vet.  We make sure your horse gets the necessary feed and supplement as well as exercise.  When it comes to the care for your horse we will give him the attention he needs in order for him to heal and be ready to go again. 


Tom teaches people of all ages how to handle a horse.  To get the right equipment for both the horse and the rider.  He builds a confident team (partnership) to be able to obtain the goals they want in their horsemanship.  He has taught many that have made horses their career on the ranch and in competition.

In Oregon and in Arizona Tom offers classes and clinics to groups of people that will include horsemanship, trail, ranch and team roping as well as sorting.  

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