Purina feed


We have been using Purina feeds since 2012 and have had HUGE success with their feeds. Their feeds have helped several of our horses in the barn as well as some of my clients horses. Our old feeding program consisted of alfalfa hay or alf/grass hay with another grain company. We did this for years but we started to see that the horses that were being used or the geriatric horses could not maintain their body weight anymore. We had the veterinarian come out and do a complete health check and it was under his advice to change our feeding program. His suggestion was to go to a "good" quality grass hay and put our horses on a specific designed feed supplement of Purina Feeds. We attended a evening class with a Purina Feed representative and learned a lot about their company and the products they sell. What we were the most impressed with is that they spend a lot of time in the research & development area. Each bag of feed is designed specifically for that type of horse, for example: the trail horse, the backyard horse, the performance horse, the race horse, the equine senior and the active equine senior and the list goes on. With modern day science and what the industry is learning about our partners is that they are no different than you or I, we all have special needs.


Purina Healthy Edge

Purina  Healthy Edge is the product we use the most in our feeding program.   When we have horses in training they burn off a lot of calories and  this product keeps the weight on without having the nervous energy that  you have with a lot of other feeds or grains (grass hay is the main  component of the diet).  This product comes in a gold bag and one of our  customers put her horse on Healthy Edge because she could not keep the  weight on him told us this feed is like having "gold" in her barn. She  had tried feeding several different products, now she only feeds Healthy  Edge saving her lots of money every month.  



Purina 12-12 loose salt

We like adding this product as a top dressing to our feed.  It is a balanced vitamin and mineral product.  What we have found is this keeps our horses drinking plenty of water.  Especially in cold winter weather.  This is one of the big reasons horses colic.  They don't drink enough which doesn't allow their forage to move through their system.