Solid Foundation

Tom calls it splintered knowledge when a horse or person has gaps in their knowledge.  Most the time he sees this when there has been no formal education.  With horses Tom fills in the gaps in knowledge so the horse understands what he should already know.  With people he works on getting the hands and legs working to give the right signal at the right time.



Once the steps are learned in order there is a better understanding between both horse and rider.  The horse has confidence in themselves.  The rider understands that they can trust their horse to get them where they want to be.


Closing the Gaps

The ultimate goal in horsemanship is to become an effective team.  Unless you have had a partnership with a horse you have no true understanding what this amazing animal has to offer.  With horsemanship as with anything else,"You only get out, what you put into it".


Horsemanship Classes at the Josephine County Fairgrounds January - May 2018.  Printable Flyer below with dates.

horsemanship classes 6 to 9 pm (pdf)