Horse Rehabilitation


Our first step is to evaluate the horse.  Go over with you and your vet what program is going to be best for the horse.  Often this will also include setting up schedules for chiropractic therapy and shoeing.

Feeding & Care Program

When a horse is in rehab there are medications and supplements that have to be given on a daily basis.  It is important to us that your horse gets better so we take it very seriously that these items given on time.  Also, if there are special wraps or bandage that needs to be applied this is all part of the rehab process


As a rider you need to know how the horse should feel when under saddle.  There are things that only a qualified rider will notice in a horse rehabilitation situation.  The goal is to get the horse back in shape without re-injuring themselves.  Tom has been through this process many times in his career.  His goal is to bring back a stronger horse.