Performance Horse Arena
with Tom Wicklund



 On February 15, 2012 we had "Talk in the Field" with Purina's West Coast Equine Manager.  This was a GREAT opportunity to come and listen to the Nation's leading best feed supplement company.

We have been using Purina feeds for almost 1yr now and have
had HUGE success with their feeds. Their feeds have helped several of our horses in the barn as well as some of my clients horses. Our old feeding program consisted of alfalfa hay or alf/grass hay with another grain company. We did this for years but we started to see that the horses that were being used or the geriatric horses could not maintain their body weight anymore. We had the veterinarian come out and do a complete health check and it was under his advice to change our feeding program. His suggestion was to go to a "good" quality grass hay and put our horses on a specific designed feed supplement of Purina Feeds. We attended a evening class with a Purina Feed representative and learned a lot about their company and the products they sell. What we were the most impressed with is that they spend a lot of time in the research & development area. Each bag of feed is designed specifically for that type of horse, for example: the trail horse, the backyard horse, the performance horse, the race horse, the equine senior and the active equine senior and the list goes on. With modern day science and what the industry is learning about our partners is that they are no different than you or I, we all have special needs.

We hope to have Purina out to Performance Horse Arena for future events.

Take care & ride safe,

Tom & Kris Wicklund
Performance Horse Arena

Purina Healthy Edge is the product we use the most in our feeding program.  When we have horses in training they burn off a lot of calories and this product keeps the weight on without having the nervous energy that you have with a lot of other feeds or grains (grass hay is the main component of the diet).  This product comes in a gold bag and one of our customers put her horse on Healthy Edge because she could not keep the weight on him told us this feed is like having "gold" in her barn. She had tried feeding several different products, now she only feeds Healthy Edge saving her lots of money every month. 

Purina Ultium Competition is a product we used on Tom's rope horse "Chance".  He is an appendix Thoroughbred/Quarter horse cross. Keeping the weight on this big guy and keeping his good disposition was not an easy chore.  Putting him on Alfalfa hay made him nervous and with grass hay we could not feed him enough.  With the Ultium product the feed is what they call more dense so you can feed less and get the gain you need.  When he is being worked hard we put him on this product and when he has his time off we are able to go to Healthy Edge and he maintains his weight.  Again we like this product for the "Calm Energy" it provides.
Purina Active Senior has brought new life into Tom's old rope horse "Grey".  When we started using Purina feeds they came out with a new product called "Active" Senior.  Grey will be turning 30 years old in March of 2013.  As he was getting older we noticed that he was just going through the motions of existing and didn't have much motivation.  With the Active Senior product he likes to trot around in his paddock and get out and exercise.  He holds his head up and feels good.  We say "He went from a 30 year old to a 3 year old.  It has been amazing what this product has done for this horse.  Also, Grey is a big horse, 16 hands, and it is good to see him keep his weight on.
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