Performance Horse Arena
with Tom Wicklund

My Mentors

This is me (Tom) with Bob and Mae Jones. They were my 3rd set of grandparents and  they taught me so much about ranch life while growing up.  I would spend my spring brakes and summers with them on the Beaver Creek Ranch in Philomath, OR. Bob took a lot of time to show me about horses and cattle. He actually rode more miles in a saddle than he ever did in a vehicle. To me he was the Greatest Horseman in the World, there was absolutely nothing he couldn't do with a horse.  Bob lived to be 99 years old.
This video I am roping the dummy with Ronnie Goble. He was known as "The California Cowboy". He was a former World Champion Cowboy who grew up and roped against Leo, Jerold and Reg Camarillo. I ran into Leo while at the NFR and I told him that Ronnie Goble is teaching me how to rope and he said "that Ronnie was probably the best roper ever". People said that Ronnie could rope off of anything and still win! He encouraged me all the time and not just roping. He believed to practice for a reason, be prepared for the unkown but also remember to keep it fun. We lost Ronnie too early to cancer. 
This picture is of me with Jake Milton in 1988 at the Sister's Rodeo.  He was partnered with Walt Woodard and they had just one the average at the 1987 NFR (along with Tee & Bobby). Jake and Walt put on teamroping clinics together for several years. These guys started the beginning of the "roping video".  I went to several of their schools and was even able to get to spend one on one time with Jake in Wyoming. Jake had "Head Horse of the year" one time. This is quite an accomplishment for a cowboy. The buckle he is wearing is from the NFR. Jake is a really good horseman and he can throw the rope like no other. I duplicated my roping style from his by using lots & lots of recorded videos that my wife, mom, dad or grandpa would take. 
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