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with Tom Wicklund

Mecate Reins

  I have added a video to this page to show how the Mecate works.
A tool that I find very useful in my training is Mecate Reins.  A Mecate is a 22' long line that attaches to your bit with leather slobber straps.  At the end of the line is a latigo popper.  With this long line you are able to adjust your reins for whichever horse you are riding and also be able to have enough tail for a lead line.  If you are interested in purchasing Mecate Reins, the cost is $60.00 and that includes the slobber straps.  Colors to choose from are Black, Blue, Black with Blue Trace, Gold with White, Pink, Purple, Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Brown, Green, Red, White with Blue Trace.  Email or call me at 541-218-3260 with questions or order.  We also offer Groundwork Tools such as 4 knot Halters, 14' Lead Lines, Training Sticks and Lounge Lines.  This information is under Groundwork at PHA drop down to Groundwork Tools.or click this link.
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