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with Tom Wicklund

Horse Sense Clinics

Josephine County Soil and Water had a Horse Sense Clinic on 6-26-10.  At this clinic we had Mellissa Mathewson talk about pasture and grazing management.  She said it is important to have your soils tested and gave a website  It would be under soil - labs for soil testing.  Another website she gave us was  There is a lot of information if you want to manage your pasture in order to get the most out of your land. 

Another speaker was Dawn M. Sherwood,Ph.D. from Oregon State University, Equine Science.  She went over first aid for horses.  I incuded some video on different topics that were covered at this Clinic.
This video is on Heart Rate. 
Dawn gave us a outline to follow on Heart Rate

* Normal adult resting rate is 20-40bpm
* A pulse rate of 50 of higher in an adult could mean physical distress
* Foals up to 2 weeks of age: 100bpm
* Colts and fillies 6 - 12 months of age 45 - 60 pbm
* 2 year olds: 40 - 50 bpm
This video is on Respitory and Dehydration
* Average respiration rate of an adult horse at rest is 8 - 15 breaths per minute
* An increase will be seen during:
  - Hot, humid weather
  - Exercise
  - Fever
  - Pain

BEWARE - Respiration rate should never exceed the pulse rate


* A healthy horse will drink a minimum of 5 gallons of water per day
* If skin remains tented then the horse is dehydrated
This video is on Wrapping Legs.  
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