Performance Horse Arena
with Tom Wicklund

Halter Measurements

Below are 4 measurements to see if your horse fits in a regular halter or may need some adjustments.  Sunny, fits into a regular halter but the company makes the noseband 3" bigger in order to fit his nose.  Just let us know your measurements and we can order the halter for your horse.  Need help?  Just contact us and we will help you.
#1 Measure around the muzzle where the halter sits.  Average is 24" 
(Sunny here measures 26" he has a big nose.)
#2  Measure from the front of the cheek bone to the back of the jaw. Average is 9.5" to 10.5"
#3  Measure from the throat latch to the bottom of the muzzle where the lips meet.  Average is 15" to 15 1/2"
#4  Measure around the poll (behind ears) and down under the cheekbone.  Average is up to 39"
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