Performance Horse Arena
with Tom Wicklund

Groundwork at PHA

I like to help people with their horsemanship. I find that when it comes to groundwork people are not understanding the full benefits of this training process. In other words they get started and then don't really understand how to finish (a couple of circles left and right with a backup is not finished groundwork). Groundwork is a HUGE part to building the horses foundation as well as developing that necessary partnership. When done correctly the transition from ground work to the saddle is so much easier on you the rider and the horse. To show you how groundwork really does work, I have included a video of my horse Sunny, along with a clinic and a couple lessons.  I have a special bond with Sunny and you will see this in the video. Please note: I had not worked with Sunny for several months, this is to show you that when the training is done correctly the first time, it will stay with the horse. I would like to teach everyone how to build the same bond with their horses because with a willing horse you can do ANYTHING!    
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