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Groundwork Tools

The Rope Halter above is made of Stiff 1/4" High Quality Halter Cord.  All the Halters are hand tied.  Since they are hand tied we can measure your horses head for a correct fit.  (See Halter Measurement page for information on how to measure for the halter.)

The Lead Line is 14ft Long constructed from 1/2" double braided polyester yacht line by Samson.  This handmade piece comes with a Brass Twist Snap on one end and a Latigo popper on the other.

Training Stick comes in 3 sizes, 4ft, 3 1/2ft and 3ft.  The Stick comes with a 6 ft 1/4" soft yacht line with a loop at one end and a latigo popper at the other.  Please specify length of string for 31/2 and 3 ft. stick.  These are considered kid sticks and typically use a 4' to 4 1/2' string.
Groundwork Tools

If you would like to order Groundwork Tools, below is our order form.  You can also call Tom if you have any questions at 541-218-3260

First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street 1:
Address Street 2:
Zip Code: (5 digits)
4 Knot Stiff 1/4" Halter Cord Size?:
Halter Measure #1 Muzzle:
Halter Measure #2 Cheek to Back of Jaw:
Halter Measure #3 Throat Latch to Lips:
Halter Measure #4 Up and Over Poll & Under Cheekbone:
4 Knot Stiff Halter Color?:
14' Lead Samson Yacht Line 1/2" Brass Twist Snap Color?:  Lead Line $34.00
Stick Size?: Stick w/String $36.00
Stick Color?:
6' String 1/4" w latigo popper Color?:
  Combo Package Halter, Lead & Stick w/String? $85.00 ($7.00 Savings)
22' Samson Yacht Lounge Line with Ring & Carabiner with weighted end $60.00   Colors would be the same as Lead Line.
  Send me an invoice for PayPal purchase.
  I will send a check or money order.

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