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Fastrack Probiotics

We have been using Fastrack Probiotics faithfully for over 20 years.  We put all the horses on Fastrack when Tom was on the road every week Teamroping.  Fastrack is a probiotic and does not have a lot of other fillers.  To put it simply, Fastrack puts the benificial bacteria back into the system.  For instance when an animal is on antibiotics, it kills all bacteria, good and bad.  Fastrack puts the good bacteria back.  We noticed that if we kept the horses on Fastrack they would not go off their feed and water when we were on the road so much.

The powder is given as follows:
1/2 to 1 1/2 oz. per horse per day.

When we started on Fastrack we gave 1 oz. for the first week. Then drop to 1/2 oz.  We did have 1 Thoroughbred that stayed on 1 oz. Since he was prone to loose stools if we didn't.

The gel is given as follows:
2 cc for foals, when weaning or antibiotics
4 cc for adult horses, foaling, antibiotics, heavy traveling

We sell the 5lb. Probiotic Pack for $24.00 a sack.
Fastrack also comes in a 20cc gel tube. 
The gel is $26.00 a tube.
Contact us with any questions on Fastrack products.
We have paperwork with detailed information on all Fastrack products.


Here is a picture of Tom's rope horse "Grey", he will be 28 on March 11th 2011.  We have had him since 1991.  He has roped many steers and he is on Fastrack everyday.  He is also a cribber, we believe that Fastrack has helped to keep him going this long. 
Here is Macho, he will be 30 on July 7th 2011.  We have had him since 1994.  He is still a pistol.  Our Vet is using Fastrack since the horses do so well on it.
Not all the horses we have are so old on Fastrack.  Here is Sunny, and he will be 11 years old on April 16th. 

When a dog is off their feed, having to be on antibiotics or in a high stressfull situation, Fastrack Gel is used.  It helps get the dog back on their feed again.
This product is given as follows:
2 cc for puppys and under 50 lbs.
4 cc for dogs weighing more than 50 lbs.

Here is Scamp our male border collie that will be 6 years old in June 2011.
We have had him since he was 5 months old.  We like how his coat shines when he is on Fastrack.
We sell the 300 gram jar for $26.00.
5 lb. pail $135.00
We sell the 20cc gel at $13.00. 
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