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2011 Buckle Awards

2011 we got in contact with Gist Silversmiths about crafting some buckles for our arena.  We contacted them first since they have been doing rodeo buckles for years and we knew they did a great job.  We gave away a total of 12 buckles this year.  We want to thank Les Schwab Tires of Grants Pass for Sponsoring a buckle in June.  The winner for the June buckle was Norm Withiam.  Also, want to thank Vern Meyer of Farmers Feed featuring LMF Feed for Sponsorship of the August Sorting Buckle and it went to Mike Spees.  We gave one Ranch Sorting buckle away each month from June thru September.  There was also two Ranch Sorting/Versatility weekends, one in June and September which was a Hi Point Buckle to the Sorter and a buckle to the All Around Versatility winner for the weekend.  We gave a buckle each month to the High Point Team Roper.  Points were given toward the buckle at each practice when we were able to have a Round Robin or a Draw pot. 

Ranch Sorting     Ranch Versatility   Teamroping
2011 Buckle awards

Congratulations to all the winners in 2011

June Winner Ranch Sorting - Les Schwab Sponsored Buckle - Norm Witham

We want to Thank Les Schwab for allowing Pete Tibbits to come out and give Norm his buckle.
June Winner Hi Point Ranch Sorter (Versatility Weekend) - Dave McKenzie
June Winner Hi Point Versatility All Around for Weekend - Sis Gowin
June Winner Team Roper - Chaise Robbins
July Winner Ranch Sorter - Dave McKenzie
July winner Team Roper - Travis Robbins
August winner Ranch Sorter - Mike Spees - Buckle sponsored by Vern Meyer of Farmers Feed featuring LMF Feeds.
We want to Thank Vern Meyer for taking the time to come out and present the buckle award to Mike.
August winner Team Roper - Andy Joffer
We still need to get a picture of Andy.  He was tending to a sick horse when his buckle came in.
September winner Ranch Sorter - Harold Compton
Harold turned 89 years old in July this year.  He doen't like us making such a big deal about it but we think he is amazing.
September winner Hi Point Ranch Sorter (Versatility Weekend) - Dave McKenzie
September winner Hi Point Versatility All Around for Weekend - Josh Smith
Josh was away at College when the buckles came in.  He promised a picture when he was back from school.
September winner Team Roper - Phil Law

Below are the buckles that were awarded for 2011

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